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Black Friday may sound like its a year away but when you talk about Amazon Prime Day, you know if you have not started planning yet, you might miss the deals. Yes, the arrival of Amazon Prime Day is so close.

Every year, Amazon Prime Day comes with a bunch of sirenic deals and lucrative offers which means this year is no exception. Amazon Prime Day usually falls in the mid of July where the exclusive store, Amazon, prioritizes the Amazon Prime Members.

The hype about the Amazon Prime Day has escalated from the past years and now, we are curiously waiting for this year, Amazon Prime Day Deals. Will the deals be more than just hype and subside the Black Friday Deals or Will the deals remain just a hype?

Amazon Prime Day Sale 2019 – Discount Offers

Here we have encapsulated Amazon Prime Sale for our readers under various categories. You can buy anything with Free Shipping from below links. (*No Minimum Purchase required*)

Current Deals on Amazon Prime Day 2019

Currently, Amazon has released its latest Amazon Prime Day 2019 Sales. The incredible savings will start on Monday, July 15 (midnight PT), and continue through Tuesday, July 16. If you’ve been eyeing a particular item but haven’t taken the plunge, Prime Day is the best time to shop, so be sure to mark your calendars. The deals will last for 48 hours only. Let us see these Deals here.

Amazon Prime Day Instant Pot Deals 2019

Pushing its limit to better discounts is something only Amazon has mastered. No matter which product you choose or of which brand, you will always find amazing deals one way or the another. Yet for the Amazon Prime Day Deals, Instant Pot with 7 in 1 kitchen set is creating storms. Amazon comes with the free shipping and one-day delivery. So why waste your time? Get Instant Pot DUO60 6 Qt 7-in-1 Multi-Use Programmable Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Steamer, Sauté, Yogurt Maker and Warmer. Hurry don’t miss the deal. 

What is Amazon Prime Day and When is Amazon Prime Day 2019?

Amazon Prime Day 2019 is a one-day event held globally, focussed towards benefitting the prime customers by rolling out million of deals for them. Last year, the store ran deals on 16th July which continued till the following day i.e 17th July. This year, the store has not confirmed the exact date of the event but it is sure to fall anytime in the mid of July.

For the fifth time in a row, Amazon Prime will be hosting this event in the month of July.

Who can Avail Amazon Prime Day Deals?

Like, we have already told you, Amazon Prime day 2019 deals focus towards the Prime Members which means only Amazon Prime Subscribers can have the access to Avail Amazon Prime Day Deals.

If you want to avail the Amazon Prime day deals 2019, you need to have a prime member subscription which costs some bucks.

Also, don’t forget Amazon offers 30 days of free trials to have a delightful experience of Amazon Prime offers. So, you can easily join the free run for a month at absolutely no charge. Once the Amazon Prime Day Deals pass, you can get your subscription canceled or continue having rich experience and privileges.

Last Year’s Top Amazon Prime Day Deals

The store ran exclusive and millions of deals for the prime members on a wide range of products. From Amazon Prime Day TV Deals to Toy Deals, Sneakers deals to Amazon Prime video games deals, the deals were so fascinating and enticing for the shoppers around the globe.

amazon prime day,prime day,prime day deals,amazon stores,deals,offers,coupon,discount,prime day 2019

From high-end brands to new entrants in the market, you could discover their hottest release on sale during the event. Some of the best Amazon Prime deals from last year are:

These were some of the most hyped deals from last year. Besides this, there were over one million deals that can drag you to the chaos but one thing that is sure to happen is your savings. You can save millions of dollars during the Amazon Prime Deals.

Top Amazon Prime Day Deals 2019 – A Brief Anticipations

Amazon Prime Day is about to make its return in the mid of July which obviously does not seem too far. No matter whether you hunting down to score some good deals on electronics or kitchen appliances, a glace at Top Amazon Prime Day Deals 2019 can do all the wonders. More than one million deals are sure to entice you and you could not help but wonder about what to avail. Believe me, the deals will not get any better than this. Chances are you might end up splurging money more than your defined budget but deals like this comes once a while which means splurging money seems justified.

If you are restlessly wondering about what are the best Amazon Prime Day Deals, here’s what we know so far.

  • Amazon Prime Electronics Deals
  • Home & Kitchens Appliances Deals
  • Clothing and Accessories Amazon Prime Deals

Besides this, you can avail additional discounts on every successful purchase made by you. This is just an expectation that we have anticipated depending upon the past trends and the hype the deals create.

What are The Best Deals On Amazon Prime Day 2019?

Amazon Prime Day has a bunch of exciting deals on multiple categories. From electronics to movies, Amazon Prime Day deals have got you covered. Below, we have rounded up the list of amazon prime day deals that show up during the event. So dive into our section of Amazon Prime Day Deals list:

Best Amazon Prime Day Laptop Deals 2019

Scoring some good deals are hard unless it’s Amazon Prime day. Amazon Prime Day has a bunch of Amazon Prime Day Laptop Deals on top brands. Finding the right laptop for your professional or personal needs has become uncomplicated and straight forward. So, if you are planning to buy a laptop during the sale that appeals to everyone, here, we have mentioned down some of the best deals that could be had during Amazon Prime Day Laptop Deals:

Amazon Prime Day Phone Deals 2019

If you have been waiting for the time to replace your old smartphone with a new smartphone, thanks to Prime Day. The store has numerous offers phones and you can grab them keeping your specifications and preferences in mind. Before the hype about Prime Day gets so engrossed, here, we have mentioned down some of the best Amazon Prime Day Phone Deals. Amazon Prime Day Phone Deals 2019

No doubt, Amazon ran killer deals on top flagship smartphones and allowing the shoppers to save hundreds of their hard-earned dollars during Amazon Prime Day Mobile Deals.

Amazon Prime Day Video Game Deals 2019

To enrich the experience of gamers, the store announces Amazon Prime Day gaming deals, allowing the gamers to upgrade their skills and experience a breathtaking adventure by rolling out a bunch of deals on games. Dig deeper discount and grab mind-boggling offers on video games during Amazon Prime Day. With that said, here, we have listed down some of the best Amazon Prime Day Video Game Deals from previous to give you a head start.

The big giant will again rise and declare its deals on video games and we are expecting more, this year. We are sure that this year’s Amazon Prime Day gaming deals will beat last year’s video games deals.

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Amazon Prime Day Movie deals 2019

While you were busy in snagging up the gaming deals, you would still be curious to know what Amazon Prime Day deals have to offer more. With that said, the store has rolled out deals on Movies, allowing you to binge watch your favourite TV Shows and movies. Catch sight of previous year’s Amazon Prime Day Movie deals:

Amazon Prime Day Book deals 2019

You definitely need a book to seek some inspiration. Thanks to the Amazon Prime Day Book Deals happening. Amazon will announce killer deals on books that you are excitedly waiting to read. Check out some of the best Amazon Prime Day Book deals from the previous year

Amazon Prime Day Camera Deals 2019

Those who know the power of a portrait, Amazon always comes ahead with camera deals. A picture is worth a thousand words. Tell your story with the beautiful landscapes during Amazon Prime Day Camera Deals. Amazon has a bunch of exciting deals to feed your passion and soul. Here, we have listed down some of the best Amazon Prime Day Camera Deals.

Amazon Prime Day Tablet Deals 2019

A Tablet serves the purpose of both mobiles and laptops. Being portable and handy, tablets are most sought-after throughout the year. So, if you have made up your mind to add a new tablet to your gadgets, Prime Day is the best time. Before you snag deals quickly, here’s a glimpse of last year’s Amazon Prime Day Table deals to let you how much discount you can avail.

Amazon Prime Day PS4 Deals 2019

For Sony enthusiasts, Amazon has a bunch of Amazon Prime Day PS4 deals. Here, we have listed down some of the best Amazon Prime Day PS4 Deals to assist you in making your event like a walk in the park.

Amazon Prime Day Lightning Deals

Well, a lightning deal is a kind of promotional offer run by the store. Amazon Prime Day lightning deals 2019 are available in a limited quantity and run for a limited time period. To grab these lightning deals, you have to be quick with your actions. Amazon will list down tons of lightning deals that will be limited during the event. From toys to laptops, Amazon lightning deals covers multiple categories to let you run into huge savings. You can also choose from Amazon Prime deals – Deal of the day where the store lists down the best deals throughout the day. Amazon Prime deals – Deal of the day is the best deals if you really wish to witness huge savings and a huge discount.

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Amazon vs Black Friday July – Who Wins?

The event, Amazon Prime Day, sees the rivalry among the stores to be more exacerbated like during the Black Friday. Stores like Argos, curry, Dell and a lot more have come up with big deals and sirenic offers to compete with the Amazon which is called Black Friday in July. While the Amazon Prime Deals last only for one day or 36 hours, the other competing stores run their deals throughout the prime day week and sometimes, the deals are still pending past the Amazon Prime Day.

What else you can expect from these stores is free shipping, exclusive promo codes where you can avail additional discounts. So, hang on, the rivalry among the stores is sure to benefit you.

Tips For The Amazon Prime Day Best Deals

Amazon Prime Day has turned out to be a great success for both the store as well as the customers. Digging out a deeper discount requires a reliable source. For that reason, we have come here, your one-stop destination for the best and reliable information. After all, we want you to have a viable Amazon Prime Day Deals. Here, we are providing you with some tips to might come out as a helping guide to turn this event, a viable and beautiful one.

amazon prime day,prime day,prime day deals,amazon stores,deals,offers,coupon,discount,prime day 2019

  • Create your wishlist – Discovering what you really want before the sales go live can help you in quickly getting hold of your product. For this, we want you to have your wish list. So, if you have any wedding or official party, make sure you shop your picks during this time.
  • Amazon Products – If you are coveting to own an Amazon Products, here’s the best time to get your own Alexa or Kindle. During Amazon Prime Day, Amazon Products are usually the best and hot selling items available at the snip of a price.
  • Electronic Products – Amazon Prime Day Best deals are most hyped about electronic deals, especially on TVs. So, if you are looking forward to owning a TV, Amazon Prime Day deals have got you covered. You can discover a wide variety of TVs including the new and hottest release by premium brands.
  • Check the prices of Products – Its always better to check the prices of products beforehand so you can get to know how much discount you are getting and is the deal worth grabbing. You can also compare the deals with other stores offering the same and eventually land up on getting a good deal.

Walmart offering neck to neck deals on Amazon with Prime Day Deals

Walmart’s new shopping game has begun and it is fully loaded with the offers to cater to its buyers. Just like Amazon Prime Day, Walmart is also buckled up to release its pre-Prime Day Deals on Google Nest Products on 29 June. Also, Walmart has already suggested the name and duration of its event. “Google Week” which commenced on 8 July and lasts through July 16.

Top Pick Walmart Deals for Prime Day

Walmart has executed its plan by offering early discounts on Google Nest smart home products which Amazon denies to offer. Amazon focuses more on its products like Amazon Echo devices and Alexa compatible products. Walmart has emerged as a big name in offering an amazing discount on TVs and appliances, which they have released in some last weeks.

You will see exciting deals on Apple products, kitchen appliances, Dell Laptops and much more.

Walmart Prime Day Vs Amazon Prime Day

The key difference between Walmart Prime Day and Amazon Prime Day is Amazon offers the deals and discount to the buyers having Prime membership. Unlike Amazon, Shopping at Walmart doesn’t require a membership to grab the exciting offers and it has recently started offering you one-day free shipping on select products.

Walmart also offers the products that Amazon refused to release. Google Next Smart Speakers and a deep selection of TVs are one of them. Apparently, Amazon would have a lot more products to offer than Walmart, but if you are emphasizing on best offers on a specific product then Walmart won’t disappoint you.

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