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Black Friday Predictions 2019: Alright, the craziest thing happened last night. I was at the store downtown doing my regular shopping, and I came across a short guy with pointy hair trying to reach out for the top shelf. I decided to help him out, and he thanked me for it. We shared a little smile for a moment, and I slipped in some small talk. I said, “Man, can’t wait for the Black Friday 2019 sales to begin. I am really hoping for a good deal on the new PS4!” That said, he looked back in bewilderment and said, “What is Black Friday?”

This was the moment I knew I snapped. He was like ‘Whaaat’, I was like ‘Whaaat’. My demented head started talking in Mordor, and I embraced them all with a straight face. I even heard, “Hey, Charlie called! He was hiring Oompa Loompas for his Chocolate Factory!” Well, I took a deep breath, and I told him all about the awesome Christmas Sales and The Black Friday 2019.

I said, “My friend, Black Friday Sales 2019 will be right after Thanksgiving 2019. Many retail stores, to excite shoppers, would trim prices for 24 hours on their best products.

He said, “My O my! I did not know that! But I’m glad somebody told me. So, why would retailers do that, I mean cut down prices?

Amazon Early Black Friday 2019 Sale

Amazon has gird up the loins for the Black Friday 2019 and all set to sail off with early Amazon Black Friday Deals. These deals will be on Amazon products starting from November 22 and dropping by every other day until Black Friday. Let’s see how the Amazon calendar looks like for the Thanksgiving and Black Friday month.

Amazon Deals Starting November 22

  • Fire HD 8 at 37% off- Get Deal
  • Fire HD 8 Kids Edition at 38% off- Get Deal
  • Fire 7 Tablet at 40% off- Get Deal
  • Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet at 40% off- Get Deal
  • Fire HD 10 Tablet at 33% off- Get Deal
  • Kindle Paperwhite at 34% off- Get Deal
  • Ring Video Doorbell Pro- Get Deal + Echo Show- Get Deal 5 bundle will  less than if you purchased them separately.

Amazon Deals Starting November 24

  • Fire TV Stick with 4K with Alexa Voice Remote at 50% off- Get Deal
  • Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote at 50% off- Get Deal
  • Fire TV Cube at 25% off- Get Deal

Amazon Deals Starting November 27

  • Blink XT2 three-camera kit at 26% off- Get Deal
  • Ring Indoor Cam two-pack at 28% off- Get Deal
  • Amazon Smart Plug will when purchased as a bundle with Echo Dot, Echo Dot with clock, Echo, Echo Show 5, or Echo Studio- Get Deal

Amazon Deals Starting November 28

  • Echo Dot with clock at 41% off- Get Deal
  • Echo Dot (3rd Gen) Smart speaker with Alexa at 55% off- Get Deal
  • Echo Auto at 40% off- Get Deal
  • Echo (3rd Gen) Charcoal at 40% off- Get Deal
  • Echo Show 5 at 44% off- Get Deal
  • Echo Show (2nd Gen) at 34% off- Get Deal

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is the informal name given to the day after Thanksgiving Day in the United States. This day marks the start of the Christmas shopping season. Furthermore, Black Friday shopping has been happening since 1952. There are many myths regarding why this day began in the first place. But mostly, it means to ‘blacken’ the balance sheet because back in the days red color on the balance sheet meant loss and black meant profit.

Now I really had his attention. I could tell because his body language seemed pretty obvious. He said, “Tell me more about Black Friday 2019! So it is just for 24 hours, then? What if I won’t be able to get what I wish for and somebody else already bought it?

Oh don’t worry about that buddy”, I said, “This year, it is expected that Pre-Black Friday 2019 will commence even before Thanksgiving Day 2019. Moreover, shoppers can expect the Black Friday sales to be carried out online by retail stores even with their shops closed on Thanksgiving 2019. And that is not it! There will be a whole season of shopping fest waiting just for us.”

When is Black Friday 2019?

Well, that said, Black Friday 2019 isn’t far away. With less than 2 months left am all prepared with my shopping list and hawking over all the great deals. Don’t get me wrong am not a shopaholic. I am more of a buy what you need at the cheapest prices. Tune in, know more about the event and be prepared. Winter is Coming!!

This is absolutely mind-blowing. You just made my whole day. So, please tell me what all offers I can expect?” he added. And I replied, “There is a wide range of offers; stores have up their sleeves just for us. Let me show you what some of the big names in the retail business have in their mind for the shoppers.

Black Friday Predictions 2019: Ad Release

Releasing Ad Scans is a great way for the stores to create hype among shoppers around the globe. You can expect the first Ad Scan to hit the Internet around the mid of October. The Ad Scans bear all the details about offers, doorbuster deals, and other rewards. Apart from the Internet, these Ad scans will have their own spot in newspapers and magazines. Almost every store will leak its Ad Scan and in the below table, we have rounded up the best stores and their expected release of Ad Scan this year.

Here is an estimated Ad release Black Friday Prediction of various Companies/stores and contrast with previous year Ad release dates for BLACK FRIDAY 2019. If we take a look back into the records, you will come across the fact that Harbor Freight is only one to leak its ad. The store usually releases its Black Friday Ad Scan in the mid of October and from the past year, we have not seen anyone competing with Harbor Freight. Well, Leaking Black Friday Ad Scan early means getting huge attention from the crowd but the only downside is that the deals can be overshadowed by other stores, leading up to Black Friday. Well, this year, as well, you can expect Harbor freight to continue its trend. Below, we have rounded up the table where we have mentioned the anticipated date for Ad Scan. You can compare it will previous years as well to get more insight.

Black Friday Predictions For Laptops & PC’s Deals 2019

Laptops, PCs, Chromebooks will remain one of the most sought after devices this year. Stores like Amazon, Walmart, HP, Dell will massively slash the prices of their best models and list them on sale for grab. This year, you can expect up to 30 percent on select devices and doorbuster deals from Dell. Chromebooks will be up for grabs for  you will be able to find a bunch of exciting deals with some accessories as add ons. Gaming Laptops will also witness a massive knock off in their original prices and gamers are expected to dive on their favorite gaming laptops because the prices will be so low.

See: BlackFriday Laptop & PC Deals 2019

Black Friday Predictions For TVs Deals 2019

Check out some of our predictions on TV’s based on past trends.


See: Best BlackFriday TV Deals 2019

Black Friday Predictions for Smart Phones Deals 2019

From Samsung to Apple’s latest flagship device, iPhone 11, you can expect incredible deals on your favorite smartphones. The stores will be crashing the prices of flagship devices in order to tempt shoppers. There will be a range of exquisite deals on smartphones including iPhone 11, iPad and many other devices. Check out our predictions for Black Friday Smartphone deals.4

  • The recent launch of the iPhone 11, 11 Pro and Pro Max will draw the attention of shoppers and you can possibly find some good deals on these devices. Walmart and Amazon will knock dollars off their original prices to lure shoppers into buying these devices.
  • Galaxy Series from Samsung and One plus devices will also witness a huge price crash.
  • Black Friday will also bring discounts on Oneplus flagship devices including Oneplus 7 and Oneplus 7 Pro.
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will also receive price cut althoug the discount might not get higher.

Black Friday Prediction on Gaming Deals 2019

If you are a die hard gamer then you must be eagerly waiting for the Black Friday desparately. isn’t it? This is the best time for you gamers to get the updated version of your favourite gaming consoles, play station and more. For this purpose you can count on the big fishes like Amazon, Walmart as they bang the holiday season with the most attractive offers from brands like Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo and more. These brands are expected to make yearly price drop announcements in the following weeks. Target and GameStop didn’t fall behind and made an early jump on some of the particular from last year. To hail the competition many reatilers might throw-in gift cards and vouchers or even offer customised console configurations. So don’t miss this once in a year opportunity and keep following us for our Black Friday 2019 Deals and more Deals before Black Friday.

Apart from deals on TVs and laptops, there will be a bunch of deals on gaming as well. Gaming consoles like PS4, Xbox, Nintendo switch will be up for grabs at the deepest discounts. Not only the gaming consoles but also you’ll find deals on gaming add ons including gaming headsets, gaming controllers and the popular video games. So, take advantage of the limited-time sale and save big on your purchase.

Gaming console including PS4 is expected to receive some major discount since we are coming closer to the launch date of PS5. Sony will try to sell out its inventory by marking down the prices of PS4. You can expect more discount than it was offered in last year. On the other hand, Nintendo switch will also receive significant discount leading up to Black Friday 2019. While the manufacturer is infamous for price yet we expect to see some incredible deals on it.

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Tips To Make The Best Out Of Black Friday 2019

With all these exquisite deals about to come flying on the consumers, the best thing to do will be to be prepared for the Black Friday Sales 2019. It often happens that things get a little violent and aggressive, so shoppers are advised to start early in the day as subsequently the crowd starts to fill up and things could get difficult. Finally, Black Friday 2019 is going to be a rewarding experience for the shoppers. This article will stay right with the consumers at every step feeding in every detail of what to expect and when to expect.

Furthermore, products such as Apple iPhones, Mac, etc has been slipped in among the other products recently. So, the best way for shoppers to grab their favorite item is to be prepared. Black Friday shopping fest is going to be just around the corner and here’s what the shoppers can expect. 

Black Friday 2019 Predictions – Deals & Offers

Here we have encapsulated Best Black Friday Sale for our readers under various categories. You can buy anything with Free Shipping from below links. (*No Minimum Purchase required*)

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